Videos from Club Events

Here are YouTube links for several recent performances at the Club:

Does the Truth Matter?, written by Betty Trott and performed on Friday, September 23, 2022.

The Radio Show, written by Michael Cole and performed on Friday, June 17, 2022.

A Music in the Great Hall concert with pianist Sheng Cai, for members only

Other YouTube Videos Recorded at the Club or by Members

These YouTube Videos are part of the Music In the Great Hall Series, and are available to both members and the public.

They were recorded between 2020 and 2023, most of them when the Club was not open. They reflect the quality of performances to be heard at our concerts every Wednesday. Many thanks to the musicians who participated.


Sarah Yunji Moon, flute,  with Drew Comstock, ‘cello, and Jeffrey Leung, alto saxophone, March, 2023,

Elena Howard-Scott, soprano,  and Peter Tiefenbach, piano, March, 2023. See translations.

Camila Montefusco, mezzo-soprano,  and Nate Ben-Horin, piano, November 2022. Song texts and translations

Marie Bérard, violin,  and Monique de Margerie, piano, November 2022

Annie Li, piano, February 2022

Kevin Ahfat, piano, February 2022

Tristan Savella, piano, December 2021

Jean-Luc Therrien, piano, December 2021

Stephen Runge, piano, June 2021

Jessy Kim and Ben Smith, violin and piano, piano, March 2021

Alexander Panizza, piano, November 2020

Benjamin Smith, piano, November 2020

Alexander Malikov, piano, September 2020

Younggun Kim, piano, September 2020

Performances by Club Members

Marvyne Jenoff reads from her latest book of poetry Climbing the Rain, with images of her artworks

Jonathan Kravtchenko with a preview of his opera Tango fpr Two

Andrew Sookrah, visual artist with a survey of his work in a piece entitled Parallel Passions

David Stones, poet and performance artist, performing a group of poems, Infinite Sequels

Alan Torok, visual artist with Five Portraits, of artist and musician friends, large format, charcoal, pastel, conté, graphite