Board of Directors



Position descriptions for the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Director can be found here.



Committee Chairs

Literary Committee: Patricia Kennedy, Karen Teeple (co-chairs)
Architecture Committee: Tamara Anson-Cartright, Mark Osbaldeston (co-chairs)
Music Committee: James McLean, John Stanley (co-chairs)
Art Committee: Julian Mulock (chair)
Stage Committee: Josh Welsh (chair)

Activities Committee: Daphne Maurer (chair)
Communications Committee: Daphne Maurer, Michelle Walker (co-chairs)
Membership Committee: Mimi Marrocco (chair)
Finance Committee: John Goddard (chair)
Fundraising Committee: Diana Bennett, Joanne Morrow (co-chairs)
Nominating Committee: Don McLeod (acting chair)
Property Committee:
Richard Moorhouse (chair)
Strategic Planning Task Force: Ava Dideban (chair)
Ad Hoc Governance Committee: Margot Trevelyan (chair)

Ad Lib: Damon Lum (co-ordinator)
Writers Group: Madhu Bhargava (chair)
HotShots Photography Group: Duncan Parker (chair)
Art of Conversation: Allan Jenoff (chair)
Young Members: Josh Welsh (chair)